Tattooed Across His Chest Posted May 11, 2015 by Ross Atwood

Think you’re a big Eames fan? Well, these enthusiasts support good design so much that they got it tattooed on their body.

In reading the new Eames Office book, An Eames Anthology by Daniel Ostroff,  I came across a part where Charles Eames talked about tattoos. Yes, that is correct, tattoos. It may seem rather odd for the bow-tie wearing designer from St. Louis to be discussing tattoos, but probably not as odd as one might think, given his and Ray’s eclectic interests.

There was a particular Mies van der Rohe quote that Charles believed a craftsman should never forget: “I don’t want to be interesting. I just want to be good.”

He wrote of the quote, as collected in An Eames Anthology, “This i think, a craftsman should have tattooed across his chest.”

This got me thinking about the various Eames-inspired tattoos floating across the internet. Here are a few:


This lover of good honest design, chose to show her appreciation for the Eames LCW, first made in 1945 and still proudly produced by both Herman Miller and Vitra today. The LCW was also named the “Chair of the century” by Time magazine.


This tattoo of the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman demonstrates true Eames devotion. However, when the image ended up on a blog called “Awful Tattoos,” several people wrote into the blog to argue in support of it. In fact, so many people stated their case that the blogger issued an explanation: “I will agree that pretty much any tattoo that is executed well isn’t truly going to be an AWFUL tattoo, but you have to agree that getting a chair tattooed on you is a little over the top!!!”

Over the top? Maybe. Tattoo trends come and go, and, in 65 years, the ink will probably have faded on these, but the subject of these tattoos will never go out of style.

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