Reese Witherspoon On The Set of Legally Blonde 2 Posted July 15, 2003 by Daniel Ostroff

Here we spot the cover of the July 2003 ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST and see the versatility of Eames chairs. That’s “Elle’s” study in LEGALLY BLONDE 2.


As set decorator K. C. Fox expresses it, “The decor is a sophisticated twist on 60’s mod, with plastic, vinyl and shag lending a feeling of fantasy and playfulness.”

LEGALLY BLONDE 2: RED WHITE AND BLONDE production designer Melissa Stewart, who also served as production designer on the first movie, wanted the set to reflect the Reese Witherspoon character’s increasing worldliness. Both movies use style to help define the heroine.

Nothing says worldly and stylish better than an Eames Aluminum Group chair in green leather, introduced in 1958, and still available from the original manufacturers, Herman Miller and Vitra.