The Getty is providing some funds for the Eames Foundation‘s efforts to preserve The Eames House for the next 250 years.

The grant from The Getty, which is providing only some of the funds needed for this worthy effort, has specific and limited goals.

Project Goals

The Eames House Conservation Project has the following goals:

  1. To advance the practice of conserving modern houses in general through the practical demonstration of the Eames House, via dissemination, education, and capacity building
  2. To provide general advice to the Eames Foundation on the conservation of the house, contents, and setting commensurate with international best practice for conserving modern architecture
  3. To provide technical expertise, knowledge, and scientific analysis and research on specific material issues of the house for immediate conservation needs to guide long-term maintenance. This includes, for example, an understanding of the paint systems, colors, and wood finishes used in the house, for both historic purposes and to assist in developing appropriate strategies for ongoing repainting
  4. To build on the GCI’s work on managing collections in hot, humid, and marine climates and to understand the current environment in and around the house for the specific purpose of developing ideal conservation conditions that meet the needs of the Eames Foundation in terms of interpretation and presentation
  5. To assist the Eames Foundation in developing a framework for long-term conservation, maintenance, and care of the house, contents and setting, by jointly preparing a conservation management plan and a maintenance plan and schedule
  6. To disseminate information on the project, lessons learned, and applicability to other projects

Here you can read about the work under the Getty grant on the The Getty website.

Suzanne Muchnic of The Los Angeles Times begins her chronicle of this work with these words:  ”Paint tests, monitoring devices and a new floor at Charles and Ray Eames’ landmark home are all part of a pilot project of the Getty Conservation Institute’s Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative.”

You can read her entire article on the Los Angeles Times website here

Escher-Gunewardena is the firm chosen by The Eames Foundation as the architects for the conservation project.

Here is an interesting video about the conservation of modern architecture, including informed voices, including Eames Demetrios

The Eames Foundation has launched this website
to inform the public about progress, and to share with the public opportunities to contribute to this great, non-profit, community enriching conservation project.
One way you can help, is by purchasing prints, such as these.