One Room Fits All Posted January 22, 2005 by Daniel Ostroff

The “one room” is anchored by an Eames aluminum group chair.

“This might sound odd,” Milan Hughston says, sitting in a white Barcelona chair, “but I’ve always fantasized about living in one room.” So the DWELL Jan/Feb 2005 article, “ONE ROOM FITS ALL,” begins.

Milan Hughston is the chief of library and museum archives at the Museum of Modern Art.  Architect Joel Sanders ( helped him make the most of the 400 square foot space in New York’s West Village. Hughston chose all of his furniture for its relationship to the size of his apartment. Scale is everything in a small space. There are only two chairs in the space, a white Barcelona chair, designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, and the black leather EAMES ALUMINUM GROUP chair which qualifies this unique apartment for EAMES SPOTTING.

This apartment was not only featured in a multi-page spread in DWELL magazine, it also was featured on hgtv. These two photos, in which the EAMES ALUMINUM GROUP chair is festooned with an black and white upholstered pillow, are from the hgtv website: