Oh Sienna So Hot It Hurts Posted April 1, 2007 by Daniel Ostroff

Sienna Miller, Alexander Girard, and Eames Aluminum Group Chairs.

UK Esquire features an article titled “73 Things You Should Have in Your Home,” written by Miranda Collinge and Henry Farrar-Hockley, and photographed by Lee Powers. It states: “Shun the Scandinavian flat-pack craving hordes and embrace a new world of luxury. Welcome to our house…please wipe your feet.”

Amongst the 73 “should have’s” is item 20, on page 18, “Soft Pad EA217 Office Chair by Charles and Ray Eames.” This version is made by Vitra, who has the exclusive license to manufacture Eames Office designs in Europe and the Middle East.

On the cover of this magazine issue is a photo of Sienna Miller, featured chairless.

Okay, well, in 1952 Herman Miller formed a textile division with Alexander Girard as director of design. Charles Eames had encouraged Herman Miller to hire Girard. Girard did not limit himself to designing textiles; he promoted the use of vivid colors in the entire Herman Miller line. If we look at these color swatches of Girard’s Decor Naugahyde, especially the ones with asterisks, which are “standard” Eames Aluminum Group colors, we see color 1763 is Burnt Sienna. It’s the second color from the left, third row from the bottom.

The four digit numbers such as 1763, which are sometimes hand-written on certain Eames chair upholstery tags, often refer to such Girard color designations. The Eames Aluminum “Group” includes the chair depicted below, the soft pad EA217.