Irish Interior Designers Choose Eames Chairs for Work From Home Posted June 12, 2020 by Daniel Ostroff

According to a recent survey by IMAGE magazine, two out of ten Irish interior designers choose Eames chairs for their work from home offices!

Journalist Amanda Kavanagh decided to look into this for her own situation:  “After spending time searching and settling on an only-alright work from home (WFH) chair for myself, I got in touch with Irish interior designers, who have the experience designing both commercial and home offices, for their superior selections.”

Here’s how Ahmad Fakry and Jacqueline Hall responded.

Ahmad Fakry: “It’s hard to look past the classic Eames EA108 by Charles and Ray Eames, produced by Vitra, for a perfect WFH chair. It’s elegant and light, really comfortable to work in and looks good in almost every setting. The version with the swivel base, but no wheels, will feel better in a house too.”

Jacqueline Hall: “I love the Eames soft pad management chair.  It is hands-down the most comfortable and a great design classic. I reckon sometimes I spend more time in this than in my bed.  …Minima, on Hanover Quay, sell the new design original, and it’s guaranteed for 30 years by Vitra.”

You can read the entire article here on the website of Image magazine.