Forever Eames Posted June 28, 2007 by Daniel Ostroff

A hundred years ago, a Modernist icon was born. Charles Eames went on to craft the new California home with wife Ray. Their 1949 house is the blueprint for 21st century L.A. living.
|David A. Keeps | Times Staff Writer

David A. Keeps wrote this informative article, on the occasion of the formal dedication of the Eames House as a national landmark.

Who can fault an article that quotes me?  “Anybody thinking of of building a house should “come here and take notes.”

and, because I am not given to hyperbole, I added:

“There’s a horrible trend in architecture today where the last person that everybody thinks about is the user.  In its concerns for practicality, use, beauty, durability and cost, the Eames House is the most important innovation in home design since the tepee.”

If you can find a copy of the print edition,  and it’s worth seeking it out, you’ll see large selection of great color photos by Stefano Paltera.