Eames Spotting in 1955 Posted July 14, 2014 by Daniel Ostroff

Charles and Ray Eames invented “Eames Spotting.”

Their files, in particular their Publicity Files, at the United States Library of Congress, are filled with rich examples that they collected, or that were sent to them.  These are published pieces in which their designs were incorporated in advertisements for other products, or, in magazine and newspaper articles documenting other various aspects of life.

The Eames Spotting blog began in 2006.  To celebrate the eighth anniversary of this blog, I am  going to feature today, and in some forthcoming Eames Spotting blogs, examples from Charles and Ray’s personal collection of Eames Spotting.

An area that has always interested me is what I call, “Eames Spotting on Madison Avenue,” where vendors of other products sell their own wares, by associating them visually with Eames products.

So here is one for this week, a man sitting on an Eames DAX in an advertisement for shoes!

Eames Spotting in 1955_Weboro Shoes