Eames Office 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Posted November 19, 2018 by Marlow Hoffman

The holidays are here and so is the race to find the perfect presents for the people in your life. Whether you’re looking for something big or small, there’s a gift for everyone at the Eames Shop. Here are our top 10 favorites!


1) The Toy

The Toy tops our list, as it’s a fabulous way to build, explore, and create what Charles and Ray called a “bright expandable world.” The Eames Office designed The Toy for adults, teenagers, and children to use as room decoration, colorful sets for amateur theatrics, or as tents in which to play. First produced from 1951 to 1959, we reintroduced this quintessentially Eamesian toy after nearly 60 years for you and your loved ones to enjoy. So start playing!


2) Eames Hang It All

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

Welded to be durable and whimsical, functional and fun, the Eames Hang It All is an excellent alternative to the traditional coat rack. And it’s not just for coats! Hang your hats, bags, sweaters, scarves, and this holiday season, even a little tinsel. This compact and classic design comes in many color options and works well in any space that you want to keep things off the floor—in other words, pretty much everywhere.


3) Eames Elephant (Small)

Charles and Ray had a soft spot for elephants, and from the looks of this adorable design, you can understand why we and so many others have a soft spot for the Eames Elephant (small). The couple originally experimented with making the elephant and other animals in molded plywood in the early 1940s. The plastic version, made today by Vitra in collaboration with the Eames Office, comes in many playful colors that appeal to adults and children alike.


4) “The World of Charles and Ray Eames” Catalogue

Make no mistake; this is more than a catalog: it’s a 320-page hardback book. This definitive monograph is by Catherine Ince, curator of The World of Charles and Ray Eames exhibition, which is currently on view in Oakland, California—the final stop of its international tour. The book features 400 images, texts, reviews, articles, as well as personal writings by and correspondence between Charles and Ray themselves. Delve into the history of their inspiring and prolific world today.


5) The Coloring Toy

First designed by the Eames Office in 1955, we reintroduced this timeless toy last year so a new generation could explore and make exciting creations of its own. If ordinary coloring books are a novel, consider The Coloring Toy a choose-your-own-adventure story! Each box contains eight die-cut panels, 16 premium crayons, and butterfly clips. The colorful panels have a variety of outlined die-cut shapes to color, punch out, and attach, allowing for nearly endless possibilities.


6) Custom Prints

These custom prints are sure to delight any Eames fan. Five are available: Charles and Ray playfully pinned by chair bases; Charles with a birthday cake and DSR chairs; Ray leaning back in a molded plywood lounge chair prototype; Eames Office staff in a photo for a 1959 Vogue magazine article; and a 1950s photo of the Eames House taken by Charles. Prints are custom made in archival-quality photo satin or rag velvet paper with an option of a black metal frame and white mat.


7) 14 Eamesian Parables Poster

Looking for some inspiration to guide you through the upcoming year? The 14 Eamesian Parables Poster makes for a unique, eye-catching gift to hang in your office or home. The purpose of the parables list, says director Eames Demetrios, is “to look at design as a life skill…and to ask: What are the essential messages from the Eameses’ life and work that we all might want to consider applying?”


8) Eames House Bird

Modeled after a piece of prized Appalachian folk art from the Eameses’ collection in their Pacific Palisades home, the Eames House Bird is stunning in its simplicity. It appears in many of Charles and Ray’s photographs as well as the still-popular Wire Chair & Bird advertisement. Made by Vitra in collaboration with the Eames Office, the bird brings elegance and cheer to any room.


9) Eames House of Cards

Like all Eames toys, these slotted cards, which can be built into towers, bridges, and more, are fun for kids and adults alike. They demonstrate Charles and Ray’s appreciation for the uncommon beauty of common things. The Small and Medium decks display beautiful images from the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms, while the Giant deck features graphics from the Arts, Sciences, and the world around us. There’s even a blank Create-It-All deck awaiting your creative hand!


10) Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Image courtesy of Herman Miller.

An icon of unparalleled comfort, quality, and durability, the Eames Loung Chair and Ottoman is a timeless design to pass down through the generations. Shortly after it became available in 1956, a Playboy article on modern design explained that the Lounge Chair “sank the sitter into a voluptuous luxury that few mortals since Nero have known.” Available in premium leather or soft Mohair Supreme.