Eames Demetrios on his 10 favourite Eames designs Posted June 12, 2014 by Daniel Ostroff

The author, filmmaker and design advocate shares his favourite pieces by his legendary grandparents Charles and Ray Eames.

“I think that the “Moulded Plywood Lounge Chair” is such a great expression of Charles and Ray’s iterative process. There’s a humility to it because it’s not the completion of the journey — the plastic chair completed the jouney. But they explored plywood for six years and realised that the most honest use of that material was to separate the seat and back. When people see the chairs for the first time they usually say they look uncomfortable, and then they sit in it and discover they’re actually really comfortable. So I say, ‘Don’t buy these chairs for homework; buy them because they’re right for you’.”

Read the entire article in VOGUE AUSTRALIAN LIVING. Demetrios’s list includes TOCCATA FOR TOY TRAINS, which he considers “a perfect film.” EAMES DEMETRIOS LOVES TOCCATA FOR TOY TRAINS