Eames Chairs In The Danish Ministry of Culture Posted February 15, 2006 by Daniel Ostroff

Given all the wonderful Danish chair designers, such as Hans Wegner, Finn Juhl, and Boge Morgenson, the Eames Office is intrigued by the use of Eames Aluminum Group chairs in the Danish Culture Ministry.

Frame magazine features many interesting articles on “The Great Indoors.” We particularly like issue No. 48, published in January/February 2006, for its coverage of the new interiors at Denmark’s Ministry of Culture.

Louise Campbell and Marianne Brit Jergensen, the interior designers of this colorful space, chose Eames Aluminum Group chairs in blue, green, and burgundy fabrics, as well as in black leather.

The article asserts that “A contemporary workplace should promote creativity, diversity and laughter.” Designer Louise Campbell explains: “My fascination with how furniture can affect space and people hopefully shines through my work.”

“Colors run through the Danish Ministry of Culture like candy floss, creating small zones and maintaining consistency. Enter any zone and you find chairs, desk, carpet, postboxes, wastepaper baskets, lamps, hooks–even curtains for privacy–in matching colours. Everything is custom-designed to make the long approach to the minister’s door at the far end of an interior a journey of excitement. And why shouldn’t a government office look like this one does? Especially an office devoted to culture, which should suggest fun and not formality.” 

Charles and Ray Eames may well have approved of these work spaces. In an interview about What Is Design? Charles observed, “Who would say that pleasure is not useful?”