Create-It-All House of Cards at a Wedding Posted June 30, 2015 by Ross Atwood

The Create-It-All House of Cards have been used as a city-wide collaborative art project, a brainstorming tool in business meetings, at museum exhibitions, and in schools and homes.  

Now we want to share with you a very special usage for the Create-It-All House of Card—a wedding!

Eames fans Kelvin & Cynthia incorporated their love of Eames and the Giant Create-It-All House of Cards into their wedding day to create a personal and unique guestbook that was also fun for their guests.

Cards were left on each table at the reception for their loved ones to share well wishes, advice, and even a doodle or two. A clever alternative to the traditional guestbook, now the newly weds can read their messages and play with them, too.

How have you used your Create-It-All House of Cards?

Photographs by Anna Kuperberg Photography,

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