An Easter Sunday trip to St. Mary’s Church Posted May 1, 2015 by Ross Atwood

Just a few days before Easter Sunday, Eames Office Director Eames Demetrios was in Helena, Arkansas. While there, he stopped by St. Mary’s Church, designed by Charles Eames.

Many design enthusiasts know that Charles Eames was an architect by trade, and that he designed Case Study House #8 in Pacific Palisades. Sometimes forgotten though is the work that Charles completed prior to his successes in furniture design, such as the 7,000 square foot Meyer House in Huntleigh, Missouri, or, in the case of today’s Eames Spotting, St. Mary’s Church in Helena, Arkansas.

The church was designed by Charles Eames and Robert Walsh in 1934, and is still loved and used today, as you can see by the images Demetrios took on his visit.

image4A Colorful mural behind the alter.

image2The beautiful stained glass windows were designed by St. Louis artist, Emil Frei.

image3In addition to designing the brass lighting fixtures and cabinetwork for the church, according to An Eames Primer, the pews “may have also been Charles’s first experience with producing furniture in volume.”

Charles also designed the station of the cross in the photo above.

You can read more about St. Mary’s Church here, or check out a tour narrated by Charles himself: