“A BLACK WITH FEELING” Posted April 16, 2013 by Daniel Ostroff

Vitra announces a reworking of classic Charles & Ray Eames designs at Salone del Mobile.

Vitra announced a rework of classic Charles and Ray Eames designs at Salone del Mobile.  Holding the license to these works in Europe, Vitra updates both colors and materials on the Eames collection.  The standouts in the reworks in black including the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Plastic Chairs, Wire Chair, and stool.

Irv Green and Sol Fingerhut, two professionals in the early plastics industry in Gardena, CA, worked with Charles and Ray on the first Eames molded plastic chairs.  Before Charles and Ray came along, Green and Fingerhut mostly were making molded plastic parts for U.S. military airplanes.  The plastic they used, a type of fiberglass, was translucent, and somewhat transparent when solid.  The Eameses spent many nights working with them to perfect the early, integral colors for the Eames chairs.  After much trial and error, Green and Fingerhut told Charles and Ray that they really didn’t understand what they wanted in the way of a dark color.  They said that Charles looked at them and gestured with cupped hands, saying, “I want a black with feeling.”

Inspired by this, Vitra offers these classics in “black, with feeling!”

The picture below shows an Eames design previously not produced, Stool Model D, one of the original shapes devised by Charles and Ray for the Time-Life Lobby in New York City in 1961. It is a wonderful new addition to Vitra’s line of Eames classics in all-black.