Madison Avenue

  • For every person. For every personality.

    Posted November 19, 2006

    Kudos to art directors Garlock/DeGuiceis for this magnificent advertisement featuring a mother...

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  • Diego Luna lounges in an Eames La Chaise for Zegna

    Posted May 4, 2006

    An authentic Eames chair by Vitra is featured in this advertisement.

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  • We’re trying to remove all the obstacles…

    Posted April 16, 2006

    Even BLUE CROSS tries to get their message across by associating themselves with an EAMES...

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  • Design. Create. Inspire.

    Posted January 22, 2006

    A red LCW anchors this 2006 magazine advertisement for Loewen, as it presents their own product as...

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  • Here’s What We Forked Over Our Cold, Hard Cash For…

    Posted July 1, 2005

    Nike sneakers, THE SHIELD 3 DVD set, Adidas T-shirt, Sportiere binoculars AND an EAMES...

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  • Versatility and Performance

    Posted May 18, 2005

    We spot an Eames DKR in this advertisement for Mercury range cookers. The ad copy describes...

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  • Steel Reinforced With Style

    Posted April 15, 2005

    This gentlemen looks very comfortable in his Eames 670 chair while he watches the tv that sits...

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  • Madonna, Versace and an Eames Soft Pad Chair

    Posted February 1, 2005

    "Ask most people to describe Madonna and you're unlikely to be offered "typical working...

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  • Eames and Bang & Olufsen

    Posted March 25, 2001

    This full-page ad from the March 2006 issue of Western Interiors is a particularly interesting...

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  • Fiam Italia

    Posted January 15, 1999

    The cover and many pages of this FIAM ITALIA company catalog feature Eames chairs.

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