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  • Eames ETR–a coffee table you can transport in your convertible

    Posted December 15, 2020

    Charles and Ray Eames considered many factors when they designed products. One of the most...

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  • Eames: A strong and lightweight coffee table for your home or office

    Posted November 24, 2020

    In 1954, newlyweds Sal and Gladys Valastro, purchased several authentic Eames pieces from...

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  • Why Buy Authentic Eames?

    Posted October 15, 2020

    Last year I had a very good reminder of why it’s always best to buy authentic Eames designs,...

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  • Film: Bread

    Posted September 4, 2020

    Charles Eames believed that you could tell more about a nation’s quality by its bread and...

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  • What Kind of a Nothing?

    Posted August 31, 2020

    For the first issue of the Alcoa corporate magazine FORECAST in 1959 journalist Oscar Schefler...

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  • The Solar Do-Nothing Machine

    Posted August 9, 2020

    In 1957, designers Charles and Ray Eames created one of the first usages of solar electricity....

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  • Five IBM Commissioned Eames Projects

    Posted July 31, 2020

    For over 20 years, IBM hired Charles and Ray Eames to create promotional films, presentations,...

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  • A Sofa for Friends

    Posted June 14, 2020

    Visitors to the Eames House can’t fail to notice the alcove in the living room. While the...

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  • What is a House?

    Posted May 29, 2020

    When Charles Eames addressed the problem of residential architecture, he approached it from a very...

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  • Herman Miller reopens manufacturing to produce urgently needed healthcare supplies

    Posted April 17, 2020

    The Eames Office has been a proud partner of Herman Miller since 1946. We salute them now for...

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