Eames Spotting

  • 51 Eames Wire Chairs Reimagined for Charity

    Posted January 14, 2016

    In December 2015, Vitra donated 51 Eames Wire Chairs to be reinterpreted by some of Europe’s...

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  • The artwork of Tanya Aguiniga

    Posted January 7, 2016

    Last year, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art added Chair for Ray by Tanya Aguiñiga to their...

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  • Eames, Star Wars, and Scale

    Posted December 18, 2015

    The night is finally upon us. Friday, December 18, 2015 is the launch of Star Wars Episode...

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  • Pawn Sacrifice

    Posted August 31, 2015

    On August 31, 1972, young American Bobby Fischer competed against Russian master Boris Spassky...

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  • Classic Eames Design Meets Northwest Coast Art

    Posted July 23, 2015

    Matt LeBarre is an illustrator by trade, a long time collector of mid-century furniture, and a...

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  • Create-It-All House of Cards at a Wedding

    Posted June 30, 2015

    The Create-It-All House of Cards have been used as a city-wide collaborative art project, a...

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  • Tattooed Across His Chest

    Posted May 11, 2015

    Think you’re a big Eames fan? Well, these enthusiasts support good design so much that they...

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  • An Easter Sunday trip to St. Mary’s Church

    Posted May 1, 2015

    Just a few days before Easter Sunday, Eames Office Director Eames Demetrios was in Helena,...

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  • Walk into the office of Mad Men’s Don Draper

    Posted April 23, 2015

    From March 14–June 14 you can walk into the office of Mad Men’s Don Draper.

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  • Sinuous Guitars

    Posted January 23, 2015

    I sat down recently with the founder of Sinuous Guitars for a Q&A about his exciting brand...

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