Fifteen Things Charles and Ray Teach Us



The Eameses left us with many tenets.  Their words of wisdom reveal their philosophies on how to live, work, learn, see, and embrace life more fully.

In this book, Keith Yamashita highlights fifteen of those gems, such as “Notice the ordinary,” “Preserve the ephemeral,” and “Explain it to a child.”

Fifteen Things Charles and Ray Teach Us is an intimate work that captures the spirit of the husband-and-wife design team. The book is wonderful for Eames enthusiasts and also opens the door for those who are just beginning to explore the life and work of Charles and Ray for the first time.

The book has two cover options–one with Charles on the front and one with Ray. It is available at the Eames Shop in two sizes: 7 x 7″ and 3.5 x 3.5.”

Keith Yamashita has worked with CEOs and their leadership teams to help Apple, eBay, IBM, General Electric, Facebook, Nike, Gap, Target, and countless other companies attain greatness.  He is also an author and essayist on leadership, design, and culture.  From 2009 to 2011, Yamashita served as The Charles and Ray Eames Brand Fellow at IBM.