100 Quotes by Charles Eames



In celebration of Charles’s centennial year, the Eames Office, in collaboration with Herman Miller, compiled one hundred of his quotes into a book.

Although Charles wrote very little in the way of formal books or articles, he did have a remarkable facility with the spoken word.  His lectures were as much a part of his body of work as other, perhaps more well known, products of the Eames Office.

It seemed fitting to gather his words—taken from articles, books, films, interviews, lectures, notes, and office files—and present select ones together that emphasized his ideas, beliefs, and approach to work and life.

Because Eames enthusiasts and the Herman Miller community encompasses a large part of the world, each quote is offered in seven languages: English, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

100 Quotes by Charles Eames is available for purchase at the Eames Shop.