Forward Looking Furniture

Posted May 1, 1946

“Charles Eames’ Forward-Looking Furniture” May 1946 Magazine of Art

The Magazine of Art

Published by The American Federation of Arts, Washington, D.C.

May 1946

“Charles Eames’ Forward-Looking Furniture”

 Excerpt: “Charles Eames’ new furniture continues the long, fruitful experiments of modern chair designers who have tried to exploit the elastic qualities of various structural materials for the sake of comfort, convenience, and a new interpretation of beauty. Under the terms of a competition for Organic Design conducted by the Museum of Modern Art in 1941, prize designs for chairs and case pieces, executed by Eames in collaboration with Eero Saarinen, were manufactured and marketed. This production was interrupted by the war, but during the stoppage, Eames continued to experiment along the lines of furniture with a fuller development of controlled “give” in all dimensions of space. . . . Eames’ pieces will be available for purchase at modest prices later in the year, at most leading department stores in the country. For public consumption, a modification of the asceticism of his chairs is possible through the use of snap-strips of fabric or other coverings which may be bonded, by a special electronic process, to the seats or the backs of the chairs. To some, of course, even with these concessions to a more elaborate taste, the pieces will still have the rather stark quality of porch furniture; but perhaps this is more a reflection upon our own antiquated attitudes towards interiors, than upon Eames’ progressive principles.”


The cover of this issue illustrates part of an electrical power tower.toccata086-579x800