Reset Modernity!

Posted April 13, 2016

April 16 – August 21, 2016: A new exhibition at ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe
, Germany, features an impressive lineup, including two films by Charles and Ray Eames: Powers of Ten and Rough Sketch.

Rough Sketch_Dealing with the Powers of Ten_Web

Modernity was a way to differentiate past and future, North and South, progress and regress, radical and conservative. However, at a time of deep ecological mutation, such a compass is running in wild circles without offering much bearing anymore. This is why it is time for a reset. Reset Modernity! encourages us pause, recalibrate, and feel anew both where we are and where we wish to go.

The layout of the exhibition itself offers a set of disorienting/reorienting procedures. No guarantee, of course: this is a thought experiment—a Gedankenausstellung.



Lisa Bergmann & Alina Schmuch · Jean-Joseph Baléchou· Hicham Berrada · Bureau d’Études · Kees Boeke · Emma Charles · Tacita Dean · Albrecht Dürer · Charles & Ray Eames · Folder (Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual) & Alessandro Busi, Aaron Gillett, Pietro Leoni, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Alessandro Mason, Angelo Semeraro, Livia Shamir · Jean-Michel Frodon & Agnès Devictor · Peter Galison, Robb Moss & Students · Fabien Giraud · Sylvain Gouraud · Pierre Huyghe · Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation · Pauline Julier · Armin Linke · Adam Lowe · David Maisel · John Martin · Anne-Sophie Milon & Jan Zalasiewicz · Lorenza Mondada, Nicolle Bussien, Sara Keel, Hanna Svensson & Nynke van Schepen · Ahmet Ögüt · Véréna Paravel & Lucien Castaing-Taylor · Elke Evelin Reinhuber · Sophie Ristelhueber · Philippe Squarzoni · Simon Starling · Thomas Struth · Sarah Sze · Thomas Thwaites · The Unknown Field Division (Liam Young and Kate Davies) · Benoît Verjat & Donato Ricci · Jeff Wall

Event Details

April 16 – August 21, 2016
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Lorenzstraße 19
76135 Karlsruhe, Atrium 8
+49 (0) 721/8100-0

Exhibition Opening: Friday, April 15, 2016, 8 pm.
In conjunction with the exhibition ZKM will hold the symposium Next Society–Facing Gaia April 15 and 16, 2016.

Cost: Museum admission
Tuesday 10 am–4 pm
Wednesday–Friday 9 am–6 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10:30 am–6 pm


The research has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) / ERC Grant ‘IDEAS’ 2010 n° 269567.