Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames [video] Posted December 16, 2011 by Daniel Ostroff

Today, in advertisements in print and on line, The Getty releases the long-awaited Ice Cube poster celebrating Charles and Ray Eames. Eames Spotting takes you behind the scenes of this classic advertisement, and shows you details of the chair on which Ice Cube sits.

You can see the “Ice Cube” chair itself, the very one used by Ice Cube for this celebration, if  you go to COLLECTING EAMES THE JF CHEN COLLECTION before January 14, 2012.   Eames Spotting takes you behind the scenes of this Ice Cube Eames celebration  and we share the ever popular Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames video.    To see the chair at the exhibition go to  JF Chen, 941 N. Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  Please call 323-466-9700 for information, especially for holiday hours.   It is free and open to the public.

David Hertsgaard is the Archivist of The Eames Office, a very knowledgeable, hard working fellow, and a friend of mine.  He knows that I am the curator on two of the Getty/Pacific Standard Time exhibitions, EAMES DESIGNS at the A + D Museum, and COLLECTING EAMES: THE JF CHEN COLLECTION, where the 400 plus pieces I studied and photographed for this website are on display.   [To see some pieces of the exhibition that I originally planned for The A + D Museum, please see this Getty link.  All of the pieces on that Getty Museum link are on display at COLLECTING EAMES].   David received a phone call in the late summer from The Getty, because Ice Cube wanted to recreate this famous photograph by Charles Eames.


With the help of his colleague at the Eames Office, the artist Hilary Taub, he was able to provide the Getty with an authentic Eames Office example of the table on which the chair would rest.  But he needed my help to source the chair.  It’s a rare chair, it’s a 1953 DAT-1, and in that configuration they weren’t produced for very long.  David knew there was one on this website, one of the more than 400 authentic Eames designs in the JF Chen Collection that I have photographed and studied for the last four years.  He asked if the chair was available for loan to Ice Cube for his photo shoot and video.  The chair is owned by JF Chen, it’s part of what is the best and most comprehensive Eames collection (1939 to 2011) anywhere.   I immediately called Bianca Chen, General Manager of JF Chen, who was in the midst of supervising the installation of their Getty/Pacific Standard Time show. Bianca and her colleagues have a lot of experience working with Hollywood companies, including high end commercial filmmakers like Radical Media who did the Ice Cube video, and even though the DAT-1 was already on its pedestal, Bianca said, “Sure.”  This tag team:  David Hertsgaard to me to Bianca Chen, secured the Getty and Ice Cube their chair in less than two hours.  And now we have this delightful Ice Cube poster:


If you go to COLLECTING EAMES THE JF CHEN COLLECTION before January 14, 2012, you can see the chair itself.